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Excellent Pies was established in 2010 and has been part of people’s lives for over 8 years and has a strong sense of community involvement in the Western Cape. Excellent Pies’ products are made with fresh wholesome ingredients and therefore known for its fine quality, taste, goodness, and valued pricing. We manufacture pies using only the finest ingredients. First and foremost, we are pie makers. Pies are celebrations of family and tradition, neatly and deliciously packaged in a flaky crust. Our bakers take great pride in crafting each pie by hand and baking them slowly until they are just right. Excellent Pies has created a niche market providing a product range of baked or unbaked pies in various sizes. 

Our brans are Traditional,  Jumbo & Royal Soya Pies. We comprise a group of highly skilled staff with years of experience in supplying the market with the Best quality pies. We have a diversified range of clientele who rely on services on a daily basis, operating from Brackenfell, Cape Town. The consistently competitive quality and reliability of our services as well as the ability to adapt to changes in the market, has resulted in ongoing contracts with reputable clients.


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Our Promise

We at Excellent Pies believe that great food only comes from using the best possible ingredients therefore our aim has always been to choose our suppliers carefully but fairly and selecting those that are able to provide us with only the best quality and reliable service.


Emphasis is on superior quality with no compromise, therefore, we use only the best possible means and skills to manufacture the best possible product to deliver to you the consumer. We commit ourselves to create a positive work environment and put a great deal of time and effort to provide our employees with proper training and work facilities.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Hygiene, food safety and quality are of utmost importance to us therefore we strive to maintain a high level of good manufacturing practices throughout our facility. Staff members are trained to comply with strict health, safety and manufacturing regulations together with the maintenance and certification of all equipment.

How Excellent Pies Are Made

Our pies are hand-made with the freshest ingredients which we purchase ourselves. We avoid the middle man so that we can hand pick the best ingredients directly from the source as far as possible. This contributes to us being able to keep our prices affordable for resale. Pies are available freshly baked or frozen.

Puff Pastry

Our pies are made with multiple layers of traditional flaky puff pastry which do not contain rising agents such as baking powder or yeast.


Our fillings contain 100% pure chicken, meat, game and vegetable products.

Quality Control

Our pies undergo quality control checks constantly.


We are a Halaal certified

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